Halff embraces and commits to continuously developing, nurturing and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace. We commit to an equitable and welcoming environment for all employees that enhances our collective knowledge base and produces more innovative solutions for our clients and the communities we serve.

The value of authenticity

Prioritizing inclusion brings many benefits to Halff and our clients. Organizations that commit to and act on inclusion create meaningful workplace experiences, retain and advance more employees and experience strong year-over-year growth. Bringing teams with multiple dimensions of diversity together generates higher client satisfaction and enables us to outperform peer firms. Most importantly, appreciating the value of diversity strengthens teams and builds trust.

A culture of inclusion

We create an environment that empowers all employees to thrive. Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a vital part of Halff culture, providing safe spaces for employees to come together and identify ways for Halff to support their development and enhance the Halff culture. In an ERG, participants connect with other colleagues to explore resources, share experiences, build relationships and develop opportunities for growth.

Building diverse talent

A diverse team contributes to our ability to develop innovative solutions, and equitable procedures are vital to ensuring every team member can be successful at Halff. We aim to attract and develop talented employees from all backgrounds and ensure inclusivity in recruiting and professional development. Through internal initiatives such as our University Champions program, as well as external partnerships, we bring together a range of employees that are hired, nurtured and promoted in alignment with Halff’s goal: people first.

Voices of Halff

Perhaps the best measure of our success is the feedback from our strongest assets, our employees. Here’s what they have to say about their experience at Halff.

Rachel Magee

Administrative Assistant

“I truly believe we can change the world. I say this with everything in me. We can change the world and make such an impact if we will serve one another and love one another. There are so many ways to do that, and it’s just being an extension of that within your office.”

Eric Verduzco

Production Manager

“Halff stands out in our industry because we have been able to uphold the core values we were founded on and maintain our culture while experiencing exponential growth over time .”

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