Anzalduas Highway Lift Station, Water and Wastewater Trunk Lines

Anzalduas water and wastewater pipes and lines for highway lift station

•2,800 GPM, 4 pump Anzalduas Highway Lift Station

•450 GPM, duplex Military Highway Lift Station

•12 to 21-inch wastewater lines

•12-inch water lines

•16-inch force main


Mission Redevelopment Authority

Halff worked with the Mission Redevelopment Authority to improve the capacity and reliability of the Authority’s water and wastewater system. Halff’s services led to the Authority successfully adding lift stations, wastewater lines, water lines and a force main to its system.

Halff worked closely with the Authority to carefully plan pipeline corridors and analyze needs. This proactive planning directly led to the placement of steel casings that were installed as part of the Anzalduas Highway construction, eliminating the need to bore the highway when the pipelines were constructed. Halff’s planning saved the Authority more than $1 million.

Halff Services

  • Geospatial
  • Land Development
  • Right of Way
  • Surveying
  • Water Conveyance & Pumps
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment

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