Camp Robinson Wastewater Treatment Plant

Camp Robinson wastewater treatment plant aerial view

Two major 30-inch interceptors along with 8-inch and 12-inch


Military Department of Arkansas

Halff is under contract with the Military Department of Arkansas to provide operation and maintenance of Camp Robinson’s sewer system. Halff was also responsible for engineering the upgrades and rehabilitation to its wastewater treatment facility and sewer collection system. The collection system rehabilitation included a combination of manhole and main replacement. This consisted of internal lining of the two major 30-inch interceptors, along with 8-inch and 12-inch laterals that collect wastewater for the facility.

Ten years after the collection system rehabilitation, Halff was contracted to provide follow up flow monitoring to determine the effectiveness of the rehabilitation. A 65% reduction in infiltration and inflow was achieved by the rehabilitation project.

The treatment plant included new aeration activated sludge process; series clarification; UV disinfection; tertiary filtration; post aeration and flow measurement; and a computer SCADA system for monitoring the various units of treatment.​

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