Central Sewershed Package 8 CIPP

crew workers installing sewershed package

46 sewer segments


San Antonio Water System

The Central Sewershed project rehabilitated multiple sanitary sewer segments by either CIPP, open-cut or pipe-burst methods.

The 30 percent design phase analyzed the conditions of 46 sewer segments by reviewing CCTV, reviewing manhole conditions while performing survey and assessing pavement conditions and project locations to determine the construction method for rehabilitation.

Halff recommended bidding 24 segments as a CIPP bid package, maximizing the construction efficiency of the contractor’s expertise. The project required minimal point repairs, pavement repair coordination, utility coordination and preparation of construction plans to include sewer bypass plans and traffic control plans.

The final submittal included a construction schedule to determine the project’s construction duration and OPCC. The team coordinated with COSA to secure floodplain and tree permits.

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