City of Lubbock Stormwater Master Plan

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City of Lubbock

The Lubbock Stormwater Master Plan is a holistic look at the City’s Stormwater Program. The team worked with City staff to create a plan, prioritize efforts, execute recommendations and provide a framework for the maintenance of stormwater data, drainage assessments and studies. This stormwater master plan included updates to the Drainage Criteria Manual (DCM), Master Drainage Plan (MDP), a comprehensive drainage study inventory, 404 evaluation and compliance, capital improvement project (CIP) planning and design, and a drainage review tracking system. Using the City’s stormwater GIS system developed by Halff, along with the associated survey information collected by HRA, the team expedited the development of drainage models to support planning efforts and develop CIP projects. The MDP update for selected playa drainage basins helped to mitigate existing flood damages and plan for responsible future development.

An inventory of existing data and models was prepared to assist in the review of development submittals.  The modeling review also included the evaluation of hydrologic data and simulation of historical events to ensure accuracy of parameters prior to stormwater system assessments.

Lubbock stormwater planning map hydraulic node
Lubbock stormwater planning map hydraulic node

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