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Halff has been a FEMA consultant in every iteration of the mapping program starting prior to the Map Modernization (MapMOD) Program. During MapMOD, Halff was tasked with H&H studies and FIRM production for 54 counties in Texas through Region VI. Halff was selected to perform the modernization of these counties based on the geographic location of the team, strong community relationships and a long floodplain management history in the contributing watersheds.

Halff is a joint venture (JV) partner of the Compass Production and Technical Services (PTS) team. Beginning in 2014, Compass was one of two teams FEMA selected for a national five-year contract to support FEMA’s Risk MAP Program. Compass was chosen to lead the FEMA Regions I, III, IV, VI, and VIII Regional Service Centers. This included managing production of Risk MAP projects, providing technical support to FEMA staff, and supporting disaster response/recovery and inquiries from communities and stakeholders. In 2021, Compass was again selected as part of the PTS supporting Regions IV, VI, and VII. Halff has used these experiences and knowledge to provide additional value to their Cooperating Technical Partners (CTPs) and local communities.​

Following the completion of MapMOD, Halff shifted its focus to helping its long-term local clients through FEMA’s CTP Program. Halff has partnered with 11 local, regional and state CTPs in Texas and Louisiana. Halff’s success in expanding their CTP footprint has followed the geographic growth of the firm. Halff currently serves all active nonacademic CTPs in Texas.

FEMA Flood Risk map of Regions 4, 6 and 7
FEMA Flood Risk map of Regions 4, 6 and 7

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