LBJ and North Tarrant Express ITS Subsystems Location Plans

pole for LBJ Expressway ITS Subsystems

30 miles


World Fiber Technologies

Halff provided planning and design services in coordination with Kapsch TrafficCom IVHS, Inc. and World Fiber Technologies to build and integrate the managed-lane system (MLS) for the North Tarrant Express (NTE) and Lyndon B. Johnson Express (LBJ) projects in Tarrant and Dallas counties in North Texas. The finished project will extend more than 30 miles of managed lanes—specifically used, administered and tolled lanes to arrange traffic according to different requirements and demands—with 65 toll lanes and 33 toll zones.

Halff helped World Fiber prepare the plans for the ground conduit and communication cabling to each device. Halff provided the NTE ITS equipment location plans, denoting the station and offset structure on which the devices are mounted. Halff also provided the NTE/LBJ ITS equipment mounting details, which illustrate the mounting of the following:

—Fixed and pan-tilt zoom closed-circuit TV system cameras
—Microwave vehicle detectors (MVD)
—Automatic vehicle identification (AVI) antennas
—Over-height vehicle detector (OHVD) devices
—ITS cabinets
—Uninterruptible power supplies
—Manual transfer switches
—LED toll-rate signs
—Dynamic message signs
—Toll information dynamic message signs
The equipment will be mounted to existing and proposed structures.
Projects of this type are critical to the successful delivery of new infrastructure within communities and the future economy.

LBJ Expressway highway through city buildings
LBJ Expressway highway through city buildings

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