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Lubbock County

The Lubbock County Public Works Department had a need to manage inventory of roadways, associated signs, septic permits and all related maintenance they perform. Their existing work order software did not allow maintenance operations, including time and materials, to be tied to the actual physical locations on a map.

Halff had hosted the county’s road inventory in an enterprise geodatabase, and created a general dashboard in ArcGIS Online, but this was not historically integrated with their daily operations. County administrators would have to consult maps separately from work orders and maintenance operations to glean locations of work and plan for preventative maintenance programs.

Understanding the need to correlate maintenance activities and expenses to true locations, the county hired Halff to capitalize on the value of their existing geospatial data and create new data to deploy the GIS-based maintenance management software, Elements XS. All roads in the county were divided into quarter-mile sections for easier reporting. GPS locations of signs were collected by county staff and assembled into a GIS layer in the asset geodatabase. Septic permitting was incorporated into the software implementation, converting a more paper-based permitting workflow into a location-aware, streamlined process.

Leveraging GIS into work order tracking has allowed the county to evaluate exactly what work is happening by location in real time. This allows county staff to more efficiently prepare preventative maintenance schedules based on location, and better analyze asset conditions enabling true, data-driven maintenance prioritizations.

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