Mount Dora Eastern Service Area WTP

Mount Dora water treatment plant

4.0 mgd


City of Mount Dora

The scope of work included preliminary and final design, preparation of construction plans, permitting and construction management for a new 4.0 mgd water treatment plant, containing an ultimate capacity of 7.00 mgd. Halff also worked on approximately three miles of 16” capital water line to serve the areas surrounding the facility.

The plant design consisted of the following major components:

  • Two 16” Floridan aquifer wells
  • Two 2,000 gpm potable water well pumps
  • 1,000,000-gallon ground storage tank with cascade tray aerator
  • Three VFD-controlled high service pumps with a capacity of 2,000 gpm each
  • Electrical and controls
  • 700 kW diesel-powered emergency generator and transfer switch
  • Liquid pre- and post-chlorination facilities
  • Iron sequestration feed system
  • High service pump building equipped with photovoltaic solar cells

Halff Services

  • Surveying
  • Water/Wastewater Treatment

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