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Halff has had an existing continuing services contract with Okaloosa County, Florida, since 2005. As part of the continuing services contracts, Halff has completed multiple tasks in the specialty area of fiber optic network design and Intelligent Transportation Systems. Notable tasks completed for Okaloosa County include the following:

  • Halff assisted Okaloosa County with development, design and implementation of a county-wide fiber optic network. This network consists of more than 75 miles of high fiber count Corning® fiber connecting all county facilities on 16 different networks. The fiber optic network provides communication to county facilities, traffic signal controllers, CCTV cameras at intersections, and future RWISs and DMSs. As a part of this effort, fiber optic capabilities were provided to Eglin Air Force Base facilities for communication to military installations across the Florida Panhandle.  The network was designed to support large bandwidth and consisted of a self-healing ring configuration to provide redundancy.
    • Halff was in constant communication with the contractor and Okaloosa County’s IT director during construction, and remained readily available to provide confirmation and guidance to the construction team.
    • Halff completed permitting through FDOT for installing conduit and fiber on state-owned right of ways, and also completed permitting and coordination with Eglin Airforce Base for installing conduit and fiber on military property.
  • Halff has been working with Okaloosa for many years to maintain and update the fiber optic network As-Built documentation as the network is modified and expanded to additional facilities.
  • Halff currently supports Okaloosa County by developing permitting plans to bring county fiber to additional schools and county facilities.
    • Halff will coordinate with both FDOT and Eglin Airforce Base to obtain required permitting for county fiber deployments on state-owned and military properties.
    • This fiber deployment will bring these schools and facilities onto the county wide network.
  • Advanced Transportation Management System Expansion – Underground fiber optic communication network for the expansion of Okaloosa County Regional Transportation Management System.

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