SSU/SEWWCA Phases 1-3 | Water, Wastewater and Reclaimed Water Mains

water mains exterior for SSU and SEWWCA

5,200 lf of water main (12-inch-16-inch)

59,900 lf of reclaimed water main (12-inch-24-inch)

46,600 lf of wastewater force main (16-inch-36-inch)


Southeast Wildwood Water Conservation Authority

South Sumter Utility Company (SSU) and Southeast Wildwood Water Conservation Authority (SEWWCA) contracted Halff for design, permitting and construction administration services for Phases 1-3 of this capital utility extension project.

This project addresses growth and water needs in the growing Villages community. The design calls for the pipelines to increase in diameter the closer they get to the water treatment plant due to more capital lift stations pumping into the pipelines and to allow for anticipated future capital lift stations to pump into the system.

Eight miles of new wastewater pipeline, ranging from 16-inch to 36-inch diameter, were installed from Lift Station No. 11 to the City of Leesburg Turnpike Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP). At buildout, the force main will flow in excess of 3.0 mgd, at peak flows of over 6,500 gpm, and will have approximately six lift stations manifolding into the line.

The reclaimed lines installed during this project exceeded 11 miles and varied from 12-inch to 24-inch diameter. They convey reclaimed water from the Turnpike WWTP throughout the Villages project to provide water for irrigation of home sites, golf courses and common areas. Water main extensions were also completed to extend the potable water infrastructure serving the Villages community.

The project also included 14 horizontal directional drill (HDD) crossings of the Florida’s Turnpike with casing pipes ranging from 16-inch to 54-inch.

Permitting agencies for the project included the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP), the Florida’s Turnpike Authority, Sumter County Public Works, Lake County Public Works, City of Leesburg and Duke Energy.

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