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City of Sugar Land

The East Sugar Creek Watershed is primarily located in a residential neighborhood. It has historically been an area from which the City of Sugar Land has received drainage complaints for street flooding. The City retained the services of Halff to provide a preliminary engineering report (PER) analyzing the ESC Watershed. The purpose of the PER was to develop alternatives and recommendations for improving the efficiency of the storm sewers in the watershed.

A hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of the existing conditions was conducted to identify drainage issues, and evaluate the capacity and performance of the existing storm sewer system. A dynamic computer model was developed in Innovyze InfoWorks SD/2D v.12.5 for the storm sewer system. Approximately 48,000 linear feet of storm sewer was included in the computer model. City as-builts, GIS shapefiles, site visits and field surveys were used to build the computer model.​

Multiple improvement alternatives were explored and evaluated to reduce the risk of flooding in the neighborhoods along East Sugar Creek. Improvement alternatives that were considered included parallel or oversized storm sewer lines, inlet replacement, channel improvements, surface detention and street re-grading. The selected alternative consisted of storm drain improvements throughout the neighborhood. The alternative was divided into the five following project areas: Longview Drive, East Sugar Creek channel, Fairway Drive, Montclair Boulevard and Chevy Chase Circle.

Won Award:
2018 — H-GAC Parks and Natural Areas 2018 Planning Award

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