Retiring President/CEO Mark Edwards Awarded Halff’s Home Run Award

December 20, 2023

Halff Chief People Officer Jessica Baker Daily presenting the Home Run Award to Mark Edwards
Halff Chief People Officer Jessica Baker Daily (right) presents the Home Run Award to Mark Edwards.

Chief People Officer Jessica Baker Daily awarded retiring President/CEO Mark Edwards with the Halff Home Run Award at the end-of-year State of the Company in December 2023.

Mark awarded the first Halff Home Run Award in January 2020. It began a tradition of recognizing employees who embody the spirit of Halff through leadership, ownership, excellence and the growth of others. They are the epitome of leadership and a shining example for others.

“We couldn’t let you leave here without your own bat, because this has truly become a coveted symbol of leadership and knocking it out of the park,” Jessica said. “You have done that for us. We are very grateful for you, and you will be dearly missed.”

Mark’s signature will be featured on all Home Run Award bats moving forward as a tribute to his leadership and the impact he’s made on the firm.


A Heartfelt Tribute

Mark Edwards has faithfully served as Halff’s president/chief executive officer since 2020, retiring in December 2023. Incoming President/CEO Jessica Baker Daily (effect Jan. 1, 2024), expressed Halff’s collective heartfelt appreciation for Mark’s leadership throughout the pandemic and following years.

“His leadership as CEO was exceptional, and it did not go unnoticed,” stated his colleagues. “Mark gave us a passion for our work every day, by reminding us we are here for a purpose of improving lives and communities. He also set a wonderful foundation of Halff having a people-first culture.”

Spoken truly in a tribute poem about Mark written by Halff’s Miles Bullion, “his brushstrokes have a painted a story we’re proud to tell.”

Halff leadership team at the end of year State of the Company in December 2023
President/CEO Mark Edwards (middle), alongside Halff’s current/incoming Leadership Team and HCI Steering Committee member (far right), presented at his last State of the Company before retiring in December 2023.

Everyone at Halff is deeply grateful for Mark’s caring and thoughtful leadership, and he will be greatly missed. Thanks to Mark, Dr. Halff’s legacy of improving lives and communities will continue to live on through a people-first culture.


Recent Home Run Award winners include:

Senior Construction Inspector Jeremy Woods
Project Manager Emily Acosta
Project Manager Victor Bivens
Survey Party Chief Adolfo Vargas
Benefits Analyst Cristi Evans
Survey Team Leader Juan Gonzalez
Director of Land Development Kyle Thornton
Graduate Civil Engineer Audrey Giesler
Editorial Manager Keith Courson
Survey Practice Leader Vasileios Kalogirou

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